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It’s Getting Haute in Here


Actually, no, it is not.  It is currently 47 degrees Fahrenheit in the City of Angeles, and surely temperatures are much lower everywhere else.  Personally, I love coats and jackets, but where to find one that does not make you look four feet wider than you actually are, or about to embark on an Antarctic expedition?  We want fashion, dammit, not practicality.  Well…perhaps practicality.  But not as much as fashion.

Recently, I did a search for “Gothic Men’s Coats”, and my screen lit up with a mess of Matrix costumes, terrible graphics, and even worse – PVC.  Luckily, after my horror had worn off and I dug a bit deeper, I came across Cry Wolf NY.  

Pictured above is the Corpus Corduroy Trenchcoat, at $478 (on sale at Revolve Clothing for $225).  

Other coats on Cry Wolf that caught my eye were The Leonard Peacock (loved the collar), The s2vs Convertible Coat (zips off from a trench into a motorcycle cut), and the Junk de Luxe Zip Up Knit Cardigan (which could also have a shoegazer appeal, but let’s just ignore that bit).

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