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Let There Be Light


The Zenith Chandelier is the perfect addition to any home.  Well, perhaps not any home, but I assume anyone’s home that is reading Haute Macabre.  Unfortunately though, it is priced at an astronomical $82,800.  Unless it is made of magic, grants you wishes on demand, and when its light fills your room angels start singing from the heavens above, I think we’ll all pass.  

Thankfully, there are other options.  The Paris Chandelier is only $119, and the Semi Flush from the Bijoux Collection is $232.  Both are elegant, and don’t cost your life savings.  


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  1. Whoa. I am totally buying one of these for my place. I’ve been looking for something classy, stylish and unique. Unfortunately everything I’ve seen has been set at a ridiculous price. Thank you for posting the other options!