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Business Casual

Etsy find: the Pinstripe Suit Corset from Damsel in This Dress. Much of her work is a bit on the Saucy Wench side for me, and I don’t quite call it a “corset” as there is no busk and the grommets in the front are your only lacing. However, the $79.00 price tag is also a quarter of what you could expect to pay for a similar style in a true corset. The front boning is fiberglass, but she does use steel boning in the rest of the seams. Corporate Goth by day, clubwear by night- and with one of her Bustle Skirts, you would have a very affordable outfit for this month’s Edwardian Ball, as well.

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  1. Actually, I believe it is boned with steel in 8 places, but the front along the grommets are fiberglass rods. (I’m a big fan of her pieces, this included, so I’ve read the descriptions too many times…)

    Hell, after the Puimond post, not all corsets need a busk! Though they are easier to get in to with one….