Rick Owens Makes Savage Love to the Runway



Layers, funnel necks and gloves with everything – many of Rick Owens‘ staples carry over into his Fall/Winter 09 collection, but there is something decidedly more savage about this look. Be it the shaved hairlines,  or the lack of buttons [or closures of any sort] on some of the jackets – there’s a sort of future-tribalism happening here. The wedge boots invoke wading through mountains of moon dust, while the rest of the outfits [and, admittedly, these models' stark features] make me wonder what Gilliam would do with Brazil in 2012.


Whether you’d rock the dropped crotch trousers or not, there is much inspiration for the boys in this collection. Get this look with layering loose, long tops, fitted slacks instead of jeans, boots, gloves and, of course, a killer jacket.



Though there is no way to really knock this off, here are some starter staples to include in your wardrobe for a similar style! You should have these anyhow.

Images courtesy of StyleZeitgest, thank you very much.

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14 Responses to “Rick Owens Makes Savage Love to the Runway”

  1. Kristy Victoria Says:

    The boots that you linked to have very different soles and toes from those pictured. It’s almost like they took an engineer boot, made it slouchy and added a platform. I’m not even sure how I feel about that.

    The luvmaison and motobe jackets are to die for. I want a Motobe for myself! But $188 for faux leather? Darn it.

  2. Cayla Says:

    Hard to tell, but did they shave off the boys’ eyebrows too?!

  3. Olivia Says:

    Rick Owens ILU

  4. zoetica Says:

    Kristy, not all of his boots were wedges this season – check out the photos!

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  6. Lady Lavona Says:

    Hi! If you like this style boot, Earth® Shoes makes a few styles you might like for women…an ankle boot, mid-calf, and knee-high called:
    “Moonbeam”, “Cosmo”, and “Twilight”

  7. Alex Says:

    Does anyone know the name of the sunken-cheeks model in the 4th shot?

  8. Spotka Says:

    You’d check this too: http://www.wwd.com/fashion-news/alexander-mcqueen-mens-rtw-fall-2009-1928872#/slideshow/article/1928872/1932249

  9. biorequiem:Zoetica Ebb » Oh sweet jesus Says:

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  10. the daniel Says:

    Hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thanks for a mens fashion post! Now I will subscribe to this in my RSS reader.

  11. Samantha Says:

    Daniel – you guys really get the short end of the stick. I’ve been combing the pre-fall shows for men’s lines, and 99% of them are HORRID. So glad Zoetica found the Rick Owens’ line, right when photos started being released.

  12. Samantha Says:

    Spotka – Thanks for the heads up! We’ll definitely cover that!

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  14. BBCOR Baseball Bats Says:

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