The Haute List : $25 or Less


The Haute List 

$25 or Less

Nine West Women’s PartyGirls  †  Boudoir Ruffle Edge Belted Corset  †  Zipper High Waisted Skirt

Elegant Lace Dress  †   Black Over The Knee Thigh High Platform Boot  †   Glitter & Satin Dress   

Dazzling Pumps  †   Polkadot Ruffle Top  †   Leather Long Popper Stud Gloves

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3 Responses to “The Haute List : $25 or Less”

  1. photographerleia Says:

    Those Pumps on the bottom row are to die for. Does anyone know anything about the brand? Does it tend to be true to size?

  2. Samantha Says:

    I’ve had a few pair of that brand, and they’ve always been true to size for me! They take a beating pretty well, also.

  3. photographerleia Says:

    Thanks Samantha that is good to know!

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