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Upcoming Events: Edwardian Ball

San Francisco’s annual Edwardian Ball, known to most as the Gorey Ball, is expanding yet again this year. The event has gone form a single evening to a weekend’s festivitites in the last few years, and this year sees the Ball occurring in two cities for the first time: January 23rd -25th in San Francisco and Jan. 31st in Los Angeles. Featuring musical acts like Rasputina ,Rosin Coven, and steampunk darlings Abney Park, the contortions of the Veau de Vire Society, and a host of other artists and performers, Gorey Ball is always a feast for the senses (and a perfectly good excuse to wear these leg-of-mutton gloves). Check out their galleries from years past for lots of fabulous outfit ideas.

Note: Tickets for Saturday night’s Ball ALWAYS sell out prior to the event, so don’t plan on showing up and buying one at the door!

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