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Because Size Really Does Matter

It happens every few months.  I’m not sure if it gets triggered by stress, or hormones, or just general consumerism.  It makes me stay up well past my bedtime, staring blankly at my monitor as if I were looking at a new kind of pornography, except rather than masturbating, my hands are furiously working the calculator to see how much of my bank account can be spared.  

My friends, I know you know what I’m talking about.  I know it happens to you.  It comes in plagues, and infects everyone around you.  It started with Gala Darling last week, and spread to me. 

Handbag fever.

Personally, I like them big.  I carry around a lot of stuff with me, and I find every time I leave the house with a cute little clutch, I can’t even close it by the end of the night.  My bag is usually heavy with a camera, a mini Moleskin, iPhone, my oversized Chanel wallet, sunglasses (and their carrier case), hair clips, hand lotion, lipstick, liner, gloves, keys, the enormous clicker thing I need to open my gate, portable GPS, business card holder, pocket sized bottles of Purell, a lighter (or eight) and at least one pack of cigarettes.  

Yes, I am a bit of a pack rat.  No, I could not possibly leave the house without these items.  Yes, I am aware that my bag might actually be a dimensional vortex.  No, I have not suffered any long term physical damage to my back or shoulder from its weight (that I am aware of).  


The Snake Oragami tote from Top Shop is enormous.  Twenty inches long, 13 inches high, I can totally fit all my necessary items in it.  I quite like the bat wing thing it’s got going on the sides, as well.


The h. Naoto Nois bag makes me want to break out the ruffles.  Embossed with an ornate cross and floral pattern, and sized fairly decently (although I would definitely have to scale down my arsenal a bit).


The Randi Foldover Bag isn’t as big as I’d normally buy, but I sort of love it anyway.  The description on Karmaloop says that it has inner pockets, which is always a major plus in my book, and I like the subtlety of the buckles.  Usually, bag with buckles or straps really over do it, and instead of looking classy and cool, just wind up looking like they’re trying too hard (which then makes you look like you’re trying too hard, as well).


The Genevieve Zippered Tote from Lulu’s  has some buckle business going on, but it’s definitely not overdone.  This one is also vegan friendly, made of crinkled faux leather, and has plenty of pockets, compartments, and storage room.  


Obviously, I’d never be able to fit all of my mandatory items in this clutch, but it’s cool enough that I don’t care.  The hand painted graffiti inspired Simple Clutch from Etsy seller Alisa Burke literally adds a splash to an outfit, complete with paint splatter.

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  1. Sam, thank you so much for posting these bags. I loved Gala’s post last week, but I can’t bring myself to carry brightly colored bags, these black ones are much more my style.

    The second one sends my heart all aflutter.