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Etsy: Cicatrix Design

This week at Haute Macabre we are focusing on some of our favorite Etsy sellers. I would like to start with Cicatrix Design.  Cicatrix has a limited selection available in her Etsy shop- but don’t be fooled. I might not have noticed her work, either, if it wasn’t for word of mouth. However, a couple of years ago I needed a custom costume piece with medical fan lacing and she came highly recommended. The quality of workmanship, attention to detail, friendliness, and ability to take my scattered ideas and work them into a cohesive outfit  made me a fan for life.





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  1. Kate (Ms. Cicatrix herself) is a *love*. She’s done some pieces for me and a few friends, and she used to have a studio right next to my dungeon here in the adobe-clad desert wilds. As we currently have a massive filming boom going on (nicknamed “Tamalewood”), I know she’s busy doing a ton of costuming for films and TV shows being shot here. Shame we never seem to run into each other anymore! I highly recommend her work, and it’s nice to know that you’re buying from a designer who is actually a very sweet person too, isn’t it?