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Interior designer Tamara Magel‘s line of home fashions certainly leans towards the traditional Gothic motifs- plenty of skulls and crosses, for example. However, her choice in colors and fabrics and the overall simplicity of her work keeps it from becoming overdone or cliche. Finally, furniture for grown-up goths:




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  1. lovely! i just realized i am a domestigoth! and i saw ‘let the right one in’ at the living room theatre in portland last week — it was incredible and i have you to thank for highlighting it! thank you!

  2. How beautiful! I did some lookign around to see if she actually sold any of these items through select vendors (It woudl all be out of my price range but I’m curious nonetheless) but came up empty handed. That leads me to believe that it is all custom work.

    She has a very sophisticated and discerning eye.

  3. These are quite amazing. I am always on the lookout for home-goods that have gothic or punk influences but are also design oriented. You have a great blog going here. It’s great for those of us that are more about the subculture, but incorporate high design into our life, versus the other way around.
    I loved your coffin couch post so much, I wrote about it on my blog and linked you. Cheers.

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