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Stick To It


So, if you are wondering what’s up with all the interior design posts, I’m currently in the process of moving. Which means I get to paint. And decorate. So, I’ve been looking all over at design sites and I have decided that the thing I need most of all is a good paint job and wall stickers.

First, on the subject of paint jobs- Color Hunter is a simple, smart resourse for picking your paint swatches. Enter a jpeg, and Color Hunter will pick you a series of colors based on it- great for basing a room around a peice of art or furniture that you alreay have, the view out the window, or just something that has the right ‘feel’.

Second- I am totally in love with the look of vinyl wall decals. I haven’t actually used them yet, but they look pretty easy to use (except if you are doing repeating patterns), and they come in LOTS of designs. My favorites come from Ferm living, which unfortunately does not seem to sell online. Blik does, however, and also has lots of cute designs. Etsy sellers probably have the largest selction overall, and the truth is I would rather buy from them anyow: check out the ones from singlestonestudios, Janey Mac, and shannon1972, to name but a few.




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  2. i love the influx of interior design posts 🙂 I bought a wall decal from etsy a couple of months back that says “talk nerdy to me” and put it in our bedroom. it looks better than I even anticipated!