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Stick to what you do well.

Damien Hirst does lingerie- at least we can be grateful that he didn’t cover the whole thing in diamonds?

*please note that upon further exploration we cannot confirm the artist behind this monstrosity as Damien Hirst. Anyone?


Photo via the incredibly amusing Craftastrophe.

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  1. I made the bra, is was to enter the bizarre bra contest in the Montana Wearable Arts Award in New Zealand. If won first prize. I know where the piece to protest in, along with my all seeing pagan latex pussy knickers.

    I made the sculpture partly as a critique of the absurdities of the fashion industry and celebrity breast enlargement but also as an exterior “in your face” reminder of our use of pig parts on the inside – the abuse of animals as food and for spare part internal organs.

    Half human, half animal beings are the stuff of ancient mythology but future science may make commercial body changing as common as choosing a fashion outfit.

    For more details go to my website.

  2. This was not made by Damien Hirst. FashionIndie (where Craftastrophe found this) said “this is what you get when you mix Damien Hirst with fashion,” but I think they were joking, because there’s no other site that mentions this as a Damien Hirst creation. If he’d made it, it would’ve been news.

    Plus, if Hirst did make it, he’d be directly ripping off this artist, who also made a pig bra in 2006:

    If it sounds like I know WAAAY more about pig bra’s than I should, it’s because I started writing an article about the world’s top 10 weird bras for Coilhouse but never finished it. 🙂

  3. Damien Hirst is um…

    …yeah. He sucks.

    A lot.

    He also pisses me off because there are so many really wonderful artists out there who really work hard and put a lot of craft and skill and thought into their work, and then he comes along, makes a pig bra, and gets all the recognition.