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What Are You Wearing?

We’re curious – what are YOU wearing?  

Starting next Saturday, Haute Macabre will be starting a new WiW column, and we’d like to feature our readers!  We’re always looking for inspiration for fashion, and where better to find it than from you guys?  I would have liked to have started it off this week, but I am recovering from a Death Plague, so current photos are not anything I’d like posted on the internet (the other sad truth is that since I work from home, more often than not, I look like a disheveled hobo, but don’t tell).   

Please send your outfit pics to info info [at] hautemacabre.com (no spaces or brackets), along with a description – where you bought the pieces, what adventures you were having while wearing it, and anything else you’d like to add.

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  1. I like the “disheveled hobo” look! Is that wrong lol?! I too hope that you are feeling better…even sick you are amusing…one of the many reasons I love it here! XD

  2. Squeeee!!!! Sounds like fun much:)
    I’ve mastered the “disheveled hobo” look to a tee. But I promise not to send photos of it.
    I hope you recover from the Death Plague soon. <3