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Blogging is the New Window Shopping

Blogging is the new window shopping.  And the great thing about window shopping is, it doesn’t matter how much something costs. You aren’t buying it anyway. So, what am I not buying today? Incredibly cute skull-themed purses. With absolutely no F@#$ing Swarovski crystals anywhere on them.


Thomas Wylde Black skeleton Purse, $2360 at Barneys.

Makes this one look TOTALLY affordable:


Treesje Mortale Tote Grande,$498 at Revolve Clothing.

Erin is a web developer and lover of tiny dogs, ghost stories, and too much eyeliner.

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  1. Check out They have really nice knock off designer bags! I bought a Balenciaga knock off a couple years ago…it was well made with nice soft leather, no one could tell the difference! They have Thomas Wylde’s bag from last season (they used to sell the one before that too), two clutches and his signature skull scarf. I’m sure they will have his new one in no time! xo LL

  2. i’m not kidding when i say this, but my mother hass a fetish for skulls and high fashion. she owns the Treesje Mortale Tote Grande in both gold and silver. don’t tempt me, i’ll post pictures.