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My new darling little French friend has introduced me to a latex shop that I cannot believe we missed during Etsy week.  HMSLatex is a Paris based latex designer, whom is a self-proclaimed latex fetishist. 

I am a latex fetishist even if to me the pleasure it gives is more sensual than sexual. Its feel, its aroma, the way it increases the sensations when worn, its look, whether rough if worn as-is, or shiny if polished, everything seduced me, it was love at first sight!




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  1. Ok I do not lik the latex/fetish thing at all. That is completely not my scene. However, that blue collar in the top left of this page is beautiful.

    Even though this is not my thing, I can tell this person has talent.

  2. WoW! I love that black dress, my slave would pee himself if he seen me in that…though then he’d probably be licking it up.

    Esty is really a fantastic site. I must not be looking hard enough, I’m only finding that sorta indie type clothing.

  3. That neckpiece! oh my! Love it. And, though I wouldn’t personally wear it, that spine thing in the bottom left-corner is delicious!