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h.NAOTO Runway Enchantment

Tokyo’s h.NAOTO is post Punk…post Goth…post Lolita…

His otherworldly designs are like a folkloric-punk-victorian-tribal-gothic-fantasy mash-up that will leave you spellbound! Here are some tastings from his Spring/Summer 2009 collection! Make sure to check out h.NAOTO’s enchantment and doom live on the runway.

’09 Spring / Summer

By Guest Blogger Lady Lavone of Cabinet of Curiosities

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  2. http://maruione.jp/cn/maruionejp-c-59.html
    Marui One, that whole site is excellent.
    It’s probably the best site I can recommend.
    Carries some Japanese brands.
    Atelier Boz…lovely LOVELY Jackets, everything is more or less listed in english except the names of the items.
    Boots and what not.
    Na+H is easy to navigate.
    Excentrique corsets.

    There is another site that is sorta like MaruiOne that you can purchase the clothing but I can’t remember what it is atm.

    A big list of links to Japanese webpages.

  3. I’m surprised this site hasn’t taken noticed of other Japanese brands.

    At least I’ve seen Alice Auaa and H. Naoto here.
    Some other brands of interest incluce Atelier Boz, Black Peace Now, and my two favorites Excentrique (corsets) and Na+H.

  4. Such an interesting show.. it reminds me of Evisu’s ’08 Autumn/Winter Men’s collection somewhat, but on a much larger scale.

    I’ve loved h.NAOTO ever since I saw a spread of it in a Gothic Lolita Bible ages ago and he did not disappoint!

  5. Wow. That was beyond enchanting! The few guys clothes were HOT.(they were guys weren’t they? They looked hot anyway…)
    Japanese designers never disappoint.That’s just me, but they always seem to have an edge over everyone else in the fashion world in my opinion.