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Horror or Hippy?


I am pleased with Raquel Allegra’s Spring ’09 collection.  To me, it looks like it says, “Yeah, I’m wearing black, and yeah, I’m on a yacht.  Eff off.”

The only thing I cannot put my finger on is whether or not the bottom right image is a spine or tie dye.  I’m pretty sure that my brain just isn’t accepting the fact that I might actually like something that is tie dye, so it’s matrixing the image into something that I can be comfortable with.


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  1. Ive been wondering the same thing.
    based upon her technique I assume tie-dye then she shreds the fabric.
    but then again you know what they say about assumptions.

  2. That is tie-dye for sure. I have never had a problem with tie-dye incporporated into the “dark look,” as long as it is in the right color combinations. Sometimes it can look really amazing, like stained concrete or worn headstone.

  3. I love these. No surprise though, I love hippie goth! Including the spinal tie-dye, but especially the first one. Wish it was paired with better shoes, though. The light, airy black veil of a dress with those solid little booties?

  4. I totally understand on trickery to not accept tie dye, heh.
    I love it, looks like spring/summer freshness… get a little breeze through the black draping.

    I need to invest in more of these types these upcoming warmer ( <33 ) months.