In Memory of the Late Mr. and Mrs. Comfort


Photo series by Richard Avedon for a 1995 issue of the New Yorker.  Be warned, super massive photo post after the jump.























Images via Wicked Halo

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23 Responses to “In Memory of the Late Mr. and Mrs. Comfort”

  1. sascha Says:

    This is an absolutely stellar editorial. Thanks for sharing.

  2. jonnytrrrash7 Says:

    thanks for this, amazing!

  3. Melanie Says:

    These photographs are bloody amazing!

  4. Sam Says:

    awesome! each is poignant in its own special way, love em!

  5. LovleAnjel Says:

    Thank you for posting these! I tore them out of the paper and posted them all over my room during high school and college. I was mourning their absence in my life just last week…my favorite was the “banishment” photo (second from bottom).

  6. Alice Says:

    These are some really, really amazing images. I’m always up for some sexually suggestive skeleton photos!

  7. Misha/DawaiOser Says:

    I can’t stop looking at them. They elicit such incredible emotions.

  8. meeks Says:

    by fare one of the greatest photo series’ ever. a personal favorite, to be sure.

    also, who knew a dress made out of what appears to be an orange comforter could be so… so… awesome?

  9. simi Says:

    Just WOW. These are magnificent! Thanx for sharing these delightfully dark treats with us!

  10. Alicia Says:

    OH MY GOD. This shoot is SO EPIC, I’m reposting some of these on my blog for “Eye Candy Friday”. I hope that’s OK, I’ll give credit of course! xx

  11. Ghost Says:

    The pictures are marvelous and show the fleeting nature of human beauty. In a few years all those gorgeous women will be transformed into the bony figures they are posing with. Kudos for such a great depiction of profound reality.

  12. The Baldchemist Says:

    Now, to those with pretentions to being picture makers…. this is what making pictures is all about!
    Thank you so very much for this awe inspiring pictorial.
    The Baldchemist

  13. anewyorker Says:

    I stumbled across your post as I wanted to find these photos – thanks so much for posting. Saw the Avedon Fashion exhibition at the International Center for Photography in NYC yesterday – they feature 4 or 5 of this series. Avedon was a true artist.
    (My favorite is the 13th.)

  14. Ana Says:


  15. David Hardwick Photography Says:

    Very interesting photography. Almost dark and satirical but remains interesting. Nice work.

  16. Sarah Samways Says:

    I was wondering where that photo with the mirror came from, saw it a long time ago but didn’t know it was a part of a series. Thanks for posting! :)

  17. steampunk pictures Says:

    great artworks!

  18. Astrid Says:

    This is the love.

  19. Stoixima Says:

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  20. Dantalion Jones Says:

    Totally and completely awesome.
    I love it.

  21. Luxury Lifestyle News Says:

    Wow, those are very beautiful and strong photos.

  22. Mira Says:

    litle bit sick but beatiful :-) i love it

  23. bucket trucks for sale Says:

    that is pretty original 😀

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