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Oh the Despair


I’m hanging my head in despair.   Those studded boots by Alexander McQueen look like something in the bargain bin at Hot Topic, and it saddens me.  I really WANT to like the Viktor & Rolf’s below, but there’s something about them that just isn’t sitting properly.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it may be a personal prejudice against anything that has the word “gladiator” in its description.  I also dislike copper.  They keep making me imagine wearing them, and then getting that green discoloration on your skin like when you wear fake gold.


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  1. The Victor & Rolf gladiator sandals cross the line from couture into costume. They were too literal and as a result they look like something out of Clash of the Titans. I like the concept but the execution is hurried and ill-fitting. The sloppy calves and the toe overhang! Good god, I hope I never have to use the phrase toe-overhang again.

  2. Oh dear…this reminds me of something I’d come up with playing Dungeons & Dragons with the boys in the basement. Not that that’s bad, mind you – it’s just something I’d rather stay deep in the recesses of my geeky mind.

  3. These boots are just depressing. For being great designers these boots look rubbery and cheap even though I know they aren’t.

  4. The McQueen boots have a real nice shape but COME ON…seriously? Spikes? Perhaps a domina with expensive tastes or catwoman…

    And the V&R’s just aren’t my style at all. They remind me of Art Nouveau but perhaps if they weren’t open toe the style would look more reasonable. Make those boots close-toe and I could match them with a lovely dress. And that material…just make them leather and black.

  5. I actually quite like the design of the Viktor & Rolf’s, especially in the copper. I’m not too into the gold ones, they look kind of cheap looking. They would be hot in black.

  6. Yeah…You’re right. The second ones look like something Legolas would wear if were a cross-dresser, and the first ones are just a bit boring…It’s hard to believe something so uninspiring came from McQueen!

  7. With the exception of the extra platform below the ball of the foot, the McQ boots feel like someone got all DIY with some Aldo dress boots and spikes from HT. I’m with you on that sentiment.

    The V&R boots wreak of too much fairy and make the leg look diseased, not gilded. I think better placed fillegre could help them, and a change in the footbed and heel. Like… not that bit on the end of the heel and more of a powerful platform.

  8. I think the Victor&Rolf ones would definitely be better if the decorations weren’t so.. 3D and rubbery. They look like like the same material of those cheap cosplay Batman breastplates..

  9. Ugh to the first boots, McQueen, don’t let me down! As for the last ones — those pewter ones are too tasty for me to pass up. I need to be wealthy.