Peacock & Strutt | Haute Macabre

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  1. @Holly – you want to hear weird : I was at the Skin Graft fashion show this past weekend, and was told that she’s costumed in the line in her new video.

  2. If you want proof of how they’d work on a vaguely human body, watch Britney’s Spears If You Seek Amy video clip.
    With the sound off, preferably.
    She’s wearing the Criss Cross camisole.
    After seeing it on HM and then walking into a room where it was playing, I very nearly had a heart attack.

  3. I’ve seen these, and they’re a cool look I guess, but I don’t know how many of we non-model ladies would actually look good in this stuff…I can imagine myself in that top in pic 2….and I’m seeing multiple chub-rolls escaping through the “slats”…*shudder*
    I don’t know, mybe i’m just a bit biased because that model looks way too much like paris hilton for my liking…
    I’d wear the shoes! And the sheer skirt is quite pretty.