Speak Up! : Doctor Steel | Haute Macabre

Speak Up! : Doctor Steel


First things first, tell us about yourself & what you do!

My name is Dr. Phineas Waldolf Steel and I’m insane. Since I’m completely out of my mind, I have rejected the ordinary rules of society in an effort to continually live in my own little world; a place where creativity and fun is the top priority.

What makes you Haute Macabre?

Well, I certainly do fancy the darker tones of a decorative ensemble. Many genres have been pointed in my direction, though I do tend to wriggle my way into various classifications as well as seeking to create new ones. I am quite partial to living on the fringes of any given category and I enjoy bouncing between a wide variety as inspiration hits.

Were you a potential serial killer as a child, that instead evolved into a mad genius?

Ah, yes. In retrospect I can indeed see the seeds of explosive madness planted deeply into my psyche at an early age. Many of them involved school. I am delighted to have evolved into a more creative than destructive madman, though there’s always room for giant robots in my future.

How would you describe your personal style?

Crazy. I want to look crazy. Stylishly crazy.


What would you wear for a moon landing?

Encased in a levitating chariot, I would don a deep red tailcoat with black and brown trappings, and flanked by matching female assistants.and of course I would require a ray gun.

Leather or Lace?  Why?

I would be more partial to leather, especially deliciously dark brown leather with a warm, red hue. Heavy and worn with a scratched, brass buckle or two and that nice “squeak” noise as you walk. Lace is nice too, though I find it fits others a bit better than I.

Do you ever notice footwear in your dreams?

Indeed I do. In fact, just the other night I was commenting on Richard Simmons’ rocket boots while attending an alligator wrestling match in Chekloslavakia.

What style advice to you have to share?

Personally I would like to see more waistcoats and less basketball jerseys being worn on a daily basis.

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  1. Wooot! Haute Macabre has made my day!
    If I had’ve known Dr Steel was going to be interviewed on here today, I would’ve put some paper down first. Alas, I must change my pants now.
    I fucking love this guy!So much talent and style. My partner and I have been listening to his awesome music constantly lately, and Oh where do i start he’s the fucking shit, WE LOVE YOU DR STEEL!!!!
    I recently did a TILT post on my blog, endorsing his awesomeness. I could crap on about him some more but I think I’ll shut up now and go get meself those clean trousers.