What I Wore

ioIo says:

I wore this to DragonCon in Atlanta a few months back. Though I’ve since left the pigtails and overdone relics of cybergoth to the other side of 25, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of going over-the-top with my outfits. Inspired by burlesque, the Victorian era, and my own dark sensibilities, I designed this outfit and had the entire ensemble made in faux leather by Starkers Corsetry. To finish the look, I added a hat I made and some buttoned spat boots by Go Max.

bianca1Bianca Wears:

Necklace – Girl Props
Bracelet – Girl Props
Gloves – Urban Outfitters (modified to fingerless)
Corset – traded my 14 eye Doc Martens for this corset
Dress – Urban Outfitters
Shoes – Forever 21  (total Chanel knock offs)

andreaAndrea Wears:

Top: Ralph Lauren
Skirt:  H. Naoto Blood
Sock Garters: Sock dreams
“I was also wearing Muro boots but you can’t see them - I was just wearing this to school because it was chilly.”

taliaTalia Wears:

Eyelashes from Beauty Case.
lace head band, red jacket and black corset from Myer.
Skirt from Sex Kitten Australia
Socks from a random $2 shop
Shoes from dimmeys
Gloves from the goth shop Brisbane
I made the hat myself.

manifestNanna Says:

I sometimes attend fetish parties, and this is from the masquerade party in January 2009. Only the collar and the armpieces are homemade, the rest is just thrown together from what I had.

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  1. Lissa Says:

    Nana is adorable! Talia slays me! Everyone is SO creative…I love this new feature…is so much fun yay!

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