Lumigan Gtt

Lumigan Gtt, Our first submissions to our new weekly What I Wore column, of YOU the readers.

Choklit Chanteuse wears:

Gypsy Steampunk Goggles & Leather Skirt-lifters by BoilerGoth
Silk Collar is my own design, Lumigan Gtt japan, Lumigan Gtt mexico, Adornments for Tarts
Oxidized Brass Dragonfly necklace by HoneySpy
Cropped Canvas Jacket was an eBay find
Silk Corset by Meschantes
Leather Button Gloves were an eBay find
Skirts from a thrift store

bianca-sm1Bianca Alexis wears:

Jacket - DKNY (salvation army)Watch - DKNYNecklace - Joyce LeslieDuster - Necessary ClothingLatex Leggings - Necessary ClothingBoots - Macy's

erinErin wears:

Hat - TJ MaxxNecklace - Buffalo ExchangeFake fur - Thrift StoreCoat - Goodwill on Haight St.
Fingerless gloves - American ApparelPants - Rrban OutfittersBoots - Thrift Store

martigrasChristy wears:

I wore this on Mardi Gras day in New Orleans, 20mg Lumigan Gtt, Lumigan Gtt australia, LA. I scored my entire costume at two Buffalo Exchange stores, 10mg Lumigan Gtt. 750mg Lumigan Gtt, and I purchased the blonde wig from a local wig shop called Fifi Mahony's. I was pressed for time and needed a hoop or a hem job for the skirt so I made a faux hoop skirt using a garter belt, Lumigan Gtt coupon, 50mg Lumigan Gtt, rope, and a fun/pool noodle and duct tape.


Nanna Mansa wears:

The corset is leather from the Danish designer Metamorph, 200mg Lumigan Gtt, Lumigan Gtt usa, the skirt and fascinator is homemade.

"I'm very fascinated by steampunk and victorian style, but also use many other elements. Luckily I work in a goth shop so I can dress a bit weird!"

Want to send us your outfit pics.  Email them to info [at]

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10 Responses to “Lumigan Gtt”

  1. ashemischief Says:

    So weird! I’ve actually met Christy/have mutual friends with her from when we were both living in New Orleans.

    God the world is small!

  2. Sayward Says:

    Love ‘em!

  3. Melanie Says:

    Beautiful outfits!

  4. Choklit Chanteuse Says:

    Hooray! Thanks for featuring me… what a great collection and diversity of outfits!

  5. Noira Says:

    Lovely outfits!
    Yay, Choklit!

  6. Pamela Quevedo Says:

    I was gonna say, yay Choklit! You all look amazing!

  7. Christy Says:

    Yay thanks for featuring my costume!

  8. dr.insectus Says:

    Oh yesssssss love ‘em all!

  9. erin lynne Says:

    neat! thanks for featuring me!

  10. Lissa Says:

    Nice collection of styles, everyone really looks great and so creative…gives me ideas! Is that your dog Choklit? I am easily distracted by animals…I love them so…

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