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Cluster Bomb

I have always been intrigued by the fact that a group of designers must sit in a boardroom somewhere and decide what a cluster bomblet should look like.

-Tanya Tier

On the website for her Birds of War jewelry collection (which is somewhat reminiscent of Apocolucky Charms), Tanya goes on to explain how one of the purposes of a cluster bomb is to attract people if it fails to go off. She talks about showing a series of photos of the bombs to a child, who thought they looked “like perfume bottles”.

With this as a starting point, Tanya extrapolates on the idea of the cluster bomb as jewelry, designed to lure the innocent with sparkle and shine. Her work is crafted in ceramic paper, recycled computer parts, and bits of real shrapnel.


Erin is a web developer and lover of tiny dogs, ghost stories, and too much eyeliner.

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