Fairy Goth Mother


Despite its rather clichéd name, Fairy Goth Mother is full of fabulous corsets, lingerie, and accessories.  Ranging from the uber gawth to retro, it pretty much covers all the bases for those of us that like to wear our underwear on the outside.  The prices are a bit high (especially for us Americans whose dollar is worth squat nowadays), but their sale section is very reasonable, and updated frequently.

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6 Responses to “Fairy Goth Mother”

  1. Morgana Says:

    ooh so pleased you featured fairygothmother! I been following your blog for a few days and I have become addicted, your posts are so inspiring, and help me find some wonderful designers, so happy to find some pics of me/my work here =)

  2. spacedoll Says:

    Actually, right now you’re in luck–the dollar is the strongest it’s been in years! It used to be about $2 per £1, but now it’s more like $1.5 per £1. So it’s a good time for you to be buying from the UK. Unfortunately, my internet shopping addiction became a lot more expensive, as I live in the UK and import most of my clothes from the US…

  3. Beth Says:

    Hmmm… I’ve been trying to find out if they’ve changed their name to Lulu and Lush or not. Odd.

    It is good to have documented Fairy Goth Mother. All the way from my pre-teens untill now, it is the standard name you will hear for decadent and gothically tinged fashion in the UK. And rightly so.

  4. Zara FairyGothMother Says:

    Thanks very much for featuring us!

    Beth: Lulu and Lush is the name of our own-label corsets and lingerie, which we decided to launch after ten years of bespoke corsetry and showcasing other designers from around the world. The FairyGothMother website is still running, and all the FairyGothMother products are also availabe to buy from our Lulu and Lush boutique in Old Spitalfields Market in London.

  5. Melina Says:

    This reminds me alot of a Spanish online store that sells corsets and dresses and such called
    Bibian Blue. The corsets are beautiful and the price is reasonable.


  6. Lickley Ladies Fashion Says:

    Clothing Tips for Very Thin Women – Huge and large accessories could be worn, also boots than strappy sandals are good options to consider.

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