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Fleet Ilya

Fleet Ilya metal puppy play mask Lanvin

I ran across this photo over on Dirty Flaws.  Shot by Nick Haymes for i-D Magazine (April 2009), it reminded me rather strongly of the metal puppy mask in Dazed and Confused’s Dark Magic shoot, which I’ve been lusting over ever since I saw that pictorial. It turns out to be the same one, and finally I can put a name to my desire! The mask is from Fleet Ilya, and they are AWESOME.

More Fleet Ilya (this time, from their website):

Fleet Ilya leather harness

Fleet Ilya brown leather bondage harness

Fleet Ilya black leather bondage corset halter

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Fleet Ilya brown leather playsuit strap-on harness

Fleet Ilya brown leather dildo harness corset

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