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For the Love of God

Damien Hirst For the Love of God

Nixon and I both like dead things.  We both have collections of various bits of creatures and people, and I have tip-toed through her house while she was unpacking and the floor was literally strewn with skull caps.

However, none of our skulls are covered with 8,601 diamonds or retail at $50 million dollars.  Mine is in a rusty birdcage, and Nixon’s might still be on her floor, but, neither have anything to do with diamonds.  Damien Hirst is responsible for the bedazzled biology, making this piece out of human teeth, platinum, and all those shiny little rocks.  Titled “For the Love of God”, the head is thought to originally belong to a European living sometime in the 18th century.

Better than the usual dirt & worms (or winding up in a rusty birdcage) fate of the majority of us, isn’t it?

Anyone remember when we thought he was responsible for Pig Bra?

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  1. Where do skulls retail these days? I have always been a bit keen on having my very own Yorrick to sit atop my desk, grinning at me while I write law papers.

    I must have one!

  2. I love Hirst’s bling skull and I never thought I’d say this being not really a Hirstophile. However, I had the great honour to see it at the White Cube when it was on show for the first time and it is indeed a work of utter beauty (and sparkle)! x