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In Folks We Trust frilled collar shrug goth dark fashion

Colchicine Prophylaxis, Up-and-coming designer to watch: Denmark's In Folks We Trust ("Dark and Heavy Garments"). Their webpage is currently under construction, 40mg Colchicine Prophylaxis, Colchicine Prophylaxis overseas, but you can find some clothes for sale at DaWanda, and their MySpace page here, 30mg Colchicine Prophylaxis. 200mg Colchicine Prophylaxis, I'm loving the structural collars and skirts and  and leg-of mutton sleeves on jackets and hoodies!

InFolks We Trust leg of mutton sleeves jacket goth dark fashion

In Folks We Trust frilled collar sheer shrug goth dark fashion

InFolks We Trust leg of mutton sleeves hoodie goth dark fashion

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4 Responses to “Colchicine Prophylaxis”

  1. E.M.E Says:

    Imagine walking down the streets in that skirt… fashion looks like more than jeans for sure and that skirt makes me drool.

    I really like the structural details. I even like the look of the boots in the second pic… if only we got a full shot from head to toe.

    The skirt sort of reminds me of large sailboats from the bygone days of Jack Sparrow.

  2. sascha Says:

    This speaks to me on the “modern take on historical silhouttes” level. Very classy and realized vision!

  3. Ash Says:

    The shrug in the first picture is amazing!

  4. charlotte Says:

    they are not from denmark but from germany.
    by the way, they really do a fabulous work, very artistic !

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