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Rachel Arends silver spine sternum collar fashion brace

Side Effects Prozac, Metal smith, illustrator, painter, photographer, digital artist, sculptor, fashion illustrator, and seamstress- is there anything Rachel Arends doesn't do. The graduate of San Fransisco's Academy of Art ties her work to medical problems she had as a child- expressing a feeling of support and restriction she likens to a brace (Rachel had serious back problems, Side Effects Prozac us, 200mg Side Effects Prozac, including surgeries).

Rachel Arend's silver spine collar brace medical fashion

silver turqouise Rachel Arends articulated hand ring


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4 Responses to “Side Effects Prozac”

  1. wendy Says:

    the last image looks like it’s made for her pleasure.

  2. robyn Says:

    These are amazing! Reminds me of some of the pieces featured in Alexander McQueen’s shows right around 2000/2001

  3. Deity Says:


  4. Andrea Schwartz Says:

    I had the pleasure of seeing those first two on the runway, very stunning in person as well as the rest of the collections!

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