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Beyond the Sea


I doubt many of the Haute Macabrians are surfers, since gawth and beach don’t normally go together (although I did try it a few times while living in Santa Barbara), but if we did paddle out we’d be wearing these anatomical body suits by Diddo.

The first edition contains four original designs: a rusted iron diving suit evoking the days of Jules Verne, the anatomic musculature suit as a homage to our inner strength, a wet suit which gives the illusion that the wearer has been attacked by a group of hungry sharks and finally a whale shark patterned suit that celebrates the brilliance and originality of our natural water world.

Diddo was also the designer behind those fancy gas masks we found way back when.

wetsuit_bydiddo_muscleVia Street Anatomy

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  1. That first suit is enough to make me possibly reconsider my avoidance of the sun. As it is, I shall continue to wait for my new parasol to arrive in the mail so I can stain the handle black, revarnish it, and continue with my sun avoidance. All OutdoorsyGoffs out there have my extreme respect.

  2. BrinyDeep, you are not alone! I would proudly share my SPF70 with you. There is no better way to experience the night then on top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere.

  3. as the planet’s only OutdoorsyGoff (at least, the only one I’ve ever met), I can safely say that these might be the coolest things in existence today. If I were the oceangoing type, I would own one in a heartbeat, price be damned.
    And for those of you who think Goffy people should never go outside, I encourage you to get out there and explore. Despite what the dirt hippies will tell you, black is a perfectly appropriate outdoorsy color- bears and skunks will attest to that. Slap on some sunscreen and come out and play with me. I’m tired of being the only one of my species.