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2 Responses to “Armour Vs Synthroid”

  1. Nefairia Says:

    Back in my London days, I moved into a flat that had the *ugliest* couch in existence. (Most flats in central London come at least partly, if not fully, furnished.) I couldn’t stand the thing so I just went over to a fabric shop on Berwick Street, shelled out for about 5 yards of black latex, and just draped that over the whole thing, and tucked it over the back (pushing it up right up against the wall behind it to anchor it in place), and down into the seat part. The entire project took about 3 minutes, and people would *always* walk into my place and freak out over my “incredible latex couch.” Easy-peasy to make, and ironic that a couch I once detested became such an object of desire among all who saw it!!

  2. ATL Rubber Says:

    I wanna do this!

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