Follow Suit

Zink magazine paco peregrin corset full skirt gown black

More Paco Peregrin, because I think I’m in love with the man.  The above image was for Zink magazine. I love the use of a wide belt over a plain corset-it’s a great way to update a basic peice of wardrobe inexpensively, and can totally change the look of the corset. Here are some belts I would consider wearing this way (perhaps over my much-beloved matte leather Short Vic, the most flattering corset EVER on everyone except the one model wearing it in their catalog): This black lace and satin belt from Chezkevito, $40; This bow-front leather belt, $25, or this tab-front belt, $23, both from Bluefly.

Now, more pretty pictures:

Paco Peregrin Zink Magazine corset bow tie

Zink Magazine

Paco Peregrin Vision magazine China corset goth

Vision Magazine, China

Paco Peregirin Alter ego Magazine editorial spain teddy bear

Paco Peregirin Alter ego Magazine editorial spain blood tears ryden

Alter Ego Magazine, Spain

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7 Responses to “Follow Suit”

  1. LushPunk Says:


  2. Idella Says:

    Wow. the Zink Magazine pictures?she looks like she just stepped off the pages of a fashion designers sketchbook. And I can see the Mark Ryden influence in the last sets. All of the sets are awesome in general.

  3. DeathButterfly Says:

    Very nice pictures.
    But the second to last, with the flower and “blood” coming from her eyes looks almost exactly like a mark ryden painting.

  4. NixonSixx Says:

    I thought the same thing- I even tagged the picture with ‘ryden’. I assume it’s intentional.

  5. Ez Says:

    That Alter Ego shoot is incredible. Breaks my heart when photos like this deserve a higher place than magazines. They deserve to be exhibited, framed and adored.

  6. Sally Says:

    Do you have links to or larger scans of the Zink Magazine ones? I’m in love with them and I’d like to see how designed for that shoot.

  7. fashionista Says:

    Hi everyone! Paco is a true inspiration. He is showcased in the latest issue of London based Schön! Magazine. Check it out on www. XXX

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