Hospital Food

Haute Macabre Awesome Date Night Suggestions: Hospitalis Restaurant in in Riga, Latvia or the slicker The Clinic restaurant in Singapore. Better than your local hospital cafeteria, but just as much fun to dress as a zombie in or wear that awesome  medical corset to.


hospitalis bar latvia medical hospital


hospitalis restaurant latvia medical fetish

The Clinic:

the clinic restaurant singapore wheelchair

the clinic restaurant singapore drink IV bag

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8 Responses to “Hospital Food”

  1. Beth Says:

    I’ll just be down here on my knees, praising both of these, if anyone needs me.

  2. DeathButterfly Says:

    I’ve seen the clinic on some tv show. I think it was anthony bourdain’s or andrew zimmern’s, I can’t remember. I do know I’ve seen it before. Both places look pretty cool. ;o

  3. Elle Says:

    I’m thinking Hospitalis is sort of retro and kitch, but The Clinic is the sleeker option. Having dinner in one of those wheelchairs would be beyond awesome.

  4. La Beatriz Says:

    It kind of reminds me the intro to Dexter…(which was totally stolen from the into to American Psycho, btw)…it’s appetizing food shown in concert with evocative, visceral body stuff…certainly a good test of your date’s composition and sense of humor.
    I did hear about the bar fight! That girl knows how to wil out, that’s for sure.

  5. cymagen Says:

    Muhahah, looks yummy. Perfect first date spots.

  6. photographer leia Says:

    Talk about unique. Probably NOT a first date spot but maybe a second date. I think cemetery picnics make a good first date. If your date cringes at the idea of that then you know that no good can come from that relationship … The cemetery is mild enough that you aren’t shockign anyone, but evocative enough that if the person can’t handle that, they won’t be able to handle you.

  7. Cristina Says:

    i second what Isaac says.

    holy crap this is too awesome.

  8. Mira Says:

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