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Sneek Peek : H&M Fall 09


Here’s a sneak peek at H&M’s Fall ’09 collection.  I’m rather impressed by it, but am also convinced that the store’s prices have raised dramatically over the last year or so.  I remember when you could go into an H&M and make out like a bandit for under $100, now, not so much.  I haven’t seen any indication of what these pieces will be priced at, so if any of you have the inside scoop, please let us know.

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  1. I was fortunate enough to get that leather belt before ot sold out within seconds in London a few months ago. It cost 30 Pound Sterling which I guess would be around 60 dollars. Now I want that wide shoulder velvet dress and swing coat!!


    I was in H&M today and got 4 pieces for less than $50. Not quite as outstanding as they used to be, but still much more reasonable than a lot of my other favorite shops, considering the number of shops that sell a single shirt for WELL over $50.

  3. Some of these items are from the Divided Exclusive collection, which will only be available in some stores, and will therefore most likely have a higher pricetag.

    And very true on their prices, I remember showing up to NY and thinking IS IT POSSIBLE to find clothing THIS cheap on this Manhattan island???

    Still not so bad, but I haven’t been so intrigued by H&M, maybe because its fall and shit’s just too bright walking in there right now!

    I should’ve splurged more in December the LAST time I went =X

    I should shop more.