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Suzanne Rachel Forbes LeEvil latex butcher knife fetish

Cancer Caused By Synthroid, We post a lot of photographs here at Haute Macabre. We do this because in this day and age, photographs are the ubiquitous media of fashion. 500mg Cancer Caused By Synthroid, If you want to remember at a pretty outfit, you take a photograph. Of course, this wan't always the case, 100mg Cancer Caused By Synthroid. Back in the good old days if you wanted your awesome choice in footwear recorded for posterity, you had to stand really still in in for a few hours while somebody painted away at the details.  It's almost a lost art.

Enter Suzanne Rachel Forbes, whose "traditional poirtaiture for alternative lifestyles" captures fetish and underground style the old-fashioned way, Cancer Caused By Synthroid. 10mg Cancer Caused By Synthroid, With paint. On canvas.

If you are in the Bay Area, you can check out her work all over the place this month, Cancer Caused By Synthroid coupon. I suggest hitting the champagne reception for her fetish-themed show at Madame S on Friday night (May 22nd)  from 7-9. Cancer Caused By Synthroid, However,  she is also currently showing paintings of male models at The Center for Sex and Culture, and she will be in the steampunk area of Maker Faire in San Mateo (more about that later) on May 30 and 31st. Busy girl. Cancer Caused By Synthroid usa, What makes you Haute Macabre?

Well, I think the fact that I am both grim and elegant on the rare occasions when I am not a helpless geek.

Were you a potential serial killer as a child, that instead evolved into a mad genius?

Pretty much, 150mg Cancer Caused By Synthroid. I wore those dead fox stoles with the glass eyes as a little girl. Even in the summer, Cancer Caused By Synthroid. I called them my "little dead guys". Cancer Caused By Synthroid paypal, How would you describe your personal style?

Holding onto stylish by a thread some days, well-turned out by the magnificent seamstresses and corsetieres who attire me on others.

What would you wear for a moon landing?

Fruit Rollups.

chupacabra Suzanne Rachel Forbes painting goat corset cockatoo
Leather or Lace?

Both, oh please

Do you ever notice footwear in your dreams?

Yes, Cancer Caused By Synthroid australia, in the occasional shopping dream footwear may crop up...

What style advice to you have to share?

Um. 50mg Cancer Caused By Synthroid, I'm 42 years old and I dress like a wacked-out punk hippie ragamuffin, I'm not a good person to ask. No, wait, Cancer Caused By Synthroid uk, my style advice is this : read Haute Macabre, Nixon et al r fucking sharp.
Where can people buy your work? , and please visit my flickr stream,, to see new work that hasn't been psoted in the shop yet, as well as my website,

Suzanne Rachel Forbes steampunk boy gun cards stripes


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6 Responses to “Cancer Caused By Synthroid”

  1. whittles Says:

    Oooh, I love Suzanne’s work! So pleased to see it featured here. She also does amazing speed sketches at live events. And she’s a real peach!

  2. Penny Says:

    Love her! She is so amazingly talented and fun. I hope she is wildly successful. Thanks for showcasing her work!

  3. Nightshade Says:

    Oh look! It’s me!

    Suzanne makes fantastic images appear right before your eyes.

  4. Choklit Chanteuse Says:

    Yaaaaay, Suzanne! Her work is brilliant, so fantastic to see her interviewed here. I’m lucky enough to get to see her at Maker Faire soon….

  5. lefty Says:


  6. Rachel Says:

    Nice stuff, but I think the east coaster in me still prefers
    Steven Assael


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