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Stylish Gent Roundup – April 2009

Stylish Gent had a good month – a month light on thedaniel, but we managed to struggle through somehow. “Bespoke” is the word of the month – can you be a stylish super secret agent without having at least one custom item? NAY I SAY. And now, the picks:

Shirts My Way

It’s fairly important if you choose to wear a dress shirt that it fits properly. Generally the way to do this is to go to a tailor and have your shirts made. If you are afraid of human contact, sickness, or the sun, you might have been suffering unbuttonable collars or too-big shirts billowing around your belt – suffer no more, friend, suffer no more.

Essentials – Map Case

The WWII-style leather map case is a) just right to carry a stack of CDs b) perfectly smooth with a suit or a paint-stained tshirt c) available cheap at surplus stores in every city d) something you have no excuse not to own. The Germans had the best ones, of course, but there are as many varieties as there are European armies.

Derringer Bicycles

Cue John Williams score, wear above map case, ride this bike, discover hidden treasures, jump bike over Nazis, get the girl.

Emma the shoemaker

I must confess, I’ve never purchased custom-made shoes. This is something I might at last remedy by way of Emma. The bulk of her designs are for women, so let’s all stylish gents and ladies alike hope that the Australian dollar crashes hard and soon. (Though at the moment those AUD450 boots are only $328 in the coin of the American Empire)

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