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Vogs in Space, Part 2: Not Vogs, Actually

OK, you guys are an awesome hive mind!  Not only did you answer some of my questions about the costuming from the new Star Trek movie, you proved me wrong on the one thing I thought I HAD fugured out.

First off,  you proved me wrong on the boots- not Fluevogs at all, but the Spiral Tabi boots from Ayya Wear (although several of you caugth my mistake, points go to Choklit Chanteuse for being the quickest on the draw).

Spiral Tabi boots ayya romular star trek costuming

Next, Jonny Cota popped up with a clue to the jackets, which turn out to be from Los Angeles designer Elijah Sound’s A.D.2013– a collection which was somehow totally under my radar!

2013 jackets star trek movie romulan fashion

And,  Ragdoll pointed out that costume designer Michael Kaplan was also the costume designer from Bladerunner (for which, by the way, he won the Academy Award for Best Costume Design).

From the Editor : We received a comment from Greg from Fluevog saying :

Greg Fluevog Says:

Actually, they are Fluevogs. We sold the costume crew a dozen pairs of the 240s for the guys (http://www.fluevog.com/code/?w[0]=search%3Ageoff&p=1&pp=1&view=detail&colourID=937) and the Tillies (rubber wedge Friend lace-ups) for the lady Romulans. Vog On!

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  1. What happened to the Romwear website, it seems to be down or gone completely! Does anyone know if it will be up or if Mitchell Kulkin will be selling those cool Romulan clothes somewhere else??

  2. wow i really cannot believe this greg person. the boots are made by ayya. they are NOT Fluevogs? how unprofessional is it to claim something that is completely false- what kind of artist takes credit for someone else’s hard work and creativity? Go to their site- does it look like anything they make? NO. Go to ayyawear.com and see the exact boot. Pathetic greg at fluevogs.

    1. I was confused as well, but if you read it closely you’ll see that the Roms had both – the style of boot provided by Fluevog is actually a low shoe, and they provided the girls’ stuff. The boots I originally mistook for Fluevogs WERE the Ayya boots. There just were also some Vogs in the movie.

  3. I can offer some further clarification on this subject. My name is Mitchell Kulkin and I was the designer that was approached by michael Kaplan at the fairfax flea market last december. I was wearing a deconstructed jacket that I designed and sewed while in a design partnership called EION 2013 with Elijah Sound and Khellar Crawford. Michael came up to me and said that my jacket had to be the look of the space pirates in his new movie. Within two weeks I was in Bali producing my sewing and deconstruction techniques on the designs from paramount picture’s new star trek movie. Right now we are releasing a website called ROMWEAR.com where you can look at and purchase exact replicas of the garments and boots worn by the romulans in the new movie. It should be up in the next few days….
    Since the time of our star trek production EION2013 has split and Elijah formed his own company called 2013ad. I have been working with Isis indriya on a line called alchemy designs and now have my own project called Artifact. You can reach me at romwear@gmail.com for more info. thanks