Bay Area Upcoming Event

Bay City Hookers Fashion/Art Performance show June 20th!

Designers and Hookers Fashion Show San Fransisco

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5 Responses to “Bay Area Upcoming Event”

  1. quarkdoll Says:

    Seriously incompetent flier work there :- / Antisceptic Fashion misspelled twice, and different each time. (Maybe other misspellings, but it was the first and last thing i tried to look at).


  2. Samantha Says:

    Actually, that’s how the company spells the name : Antiseptic’s website

  3. Stella Maris Says:

    no she’s right they miss-spelled Fashion as Fasion we definately don’t do that on our website :), we’ve already had it pointed out to us but really there’s little we can do about it, and for those of you in the bay area you should totally go, we will have all new stuff and it’s going to be AMAZING.

  4. Samantha Says:

    Oh lame! I didn’t catch that, I was too busy figuring out how you guys spell Anitiseptic.

  5. Nefairia Says:

    Graphic designers are *notorious* for being horrible at spelling and grammar. Most of them wouldn’t know an “m dash” from a hundred-yard dash. Just tell everyone [who even notices] that that’s how they spell “fashion” in oh, I don’t know, Liechtenstein, LMAO. I’ve actually been there before (the teensy-tiny country of L) and it’s a definite possibility. I’m pretty sure they speak German there, but I can’t remember. Let’s just say there wasn’t a whole lot happening there so I bailed quite rapidly for Vienna.

    Besides that, wicked flier! Event looks very enticing.

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