Erythromycin Nutrient

NEO-Romantic Erythromycin Nutrient, For Vogue Italia,  June 2009
Shot by Emma Summerton
Spot the Skeletor.








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14 Responses to “Erythromycin Nutrient”

  1. Numi Says:

    God I want those stag/bull rings.

  2. Zuni Dyer Says:

    Some of these remind me of Ray Caesar’s artwork. Lovely!

  3. Normal-Sized Says:

    So so creepy. Why don’t they just give up on real human beings and just use stick-figure mannequins?

  4. Idella Says:

    Wow enchanting…
    oh btw, have you see clothing on this site

  5. eme13 Says:

    I love those white leggings in the 3rd pic down, and I think I might have to make myself the cap/mask in the last pic. Thank you once again for a great editorial.

  6. photographer leia Says:

    They may be stick figure mannequins but their faces are are so … so cute – esp the head shot with the bunny ears.

    I’m in love with the stag ring as well but I know with the way I bump into things it woud get very much damaged within an hour of wearing it. I am secretyl in lowe with the black lacey arm piece though. And I wish people would get rid of the skeletel full hand jewelry already. Granted this is one of the better ones I’ve seen, but I’m getting a little sick of it.

  7. exitmould Says:

    I know they are creepily stiff and all, but this is seriously beautiful – and that lacey piece in the 7th picture down is ace.

  8. A Says:

    I love the white shoes in the third picture from the top. Amazing.

  9. Jesse Monjaraz Says:

    Isnt this from Alexander McQueens line..i think it was 08 or 09?

  10. fatal Says:

    ooOo_o lovely beyond imagination!!

  11. Miss Neira Says:

    This is gorgeous! I love the tights and the shoes



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  14. Tobias Constable Says:

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