The Vampire and The Nun


For OYSTER  June/July 2009
Photographer : Baldovino Barani
Stylist : Holly Suan Gray
Models : Danilo Martins & Katya S.













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16 Responses to “The Vampire and The Nun”

  1. Heather Jean Says:


  2. eme13 Says:

    Wow, better than Edward Cullen any day… I wish I was a nun now.

  3. Knockout Vintage Clothing Says:

    What a great shoot! Love the mood it sets and the highly original idea : ).

    xoxo, SarahJayne @ Knockout Vintage Clothing

  4. Zoh Says:

    Ahhh this is fabulous! Totally bitchin’ young Elvis vampire with an Edwardian ruff can be my aesthetic foil any day. I really want a ’60s-esque nun outfit now… super hot.

    Good find!!

  5. Alzy Says:

    Wow that was gorgeous! I love the shot of just her in the white dress and killer hat.

  6. Aimaskia Says:

    Beautiful! great idea, perfectly executed. I never wished to be nun, but it this were the sercumstances, then yes please ^.^

  7. Idella Says:

    at least it’s not Twilight!

    Real nice photos.

  8. A Says:

    These photos are gorgeous!

    I am slightly alarmed by how slim the female model is though.

  9. lola Says:

    Amen, Idella.
    Well done -and I love the shot of her in the white, as well.

  10. A.Cumulus Says:

    A. I was also a little shocked to see how skeletal the girl is, take the 4th pic for example. The legs O.o, I just hope that’s some bad shopping goin’ on.

  11. k. Says:

    oh my god.

    i have a thing for nuns, and to a lesser extent, vampires. so this truly floored me.

  12. Omega Says:

    Goodness me.. the styling is beautiful, but I have to say…

    there is thin, there is model-thin, and then there’s this girl!

    I am hoping there’s been some serious digital editing going on, as it’s very very unlikely that someone could be that height/weight and still be in good health.

  13. Prêt-à-Porter P Says:

    i really really really want to LOVE this editorial, but I like it instead. It is pretty spectacular and her nun headdresses are stunning.

  14. April R Says:

    I am glad I wasn’t the only one who notoced how thin she was, maybe he sucked all the life force out of her!

  15. Nefairia Says:

    Truly creative, and unique photos/styling/concept.

    But yes, get that girl a hamburger, and stat!

  16. Johnathan Ginnis Says:

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