Black Metal Barbies

Black Metal Barbies 1

This spread actually made me say “AWWWWWW” out loud and go watch the fake black metal video that Liam Lynch and I made last summer, Oracle of Darkness.

Black Metal Barbies was photographed by Antonella Arismendi for D-Mode magazine, October ’08.

Black Metal Barbies 2

Black Metal Barbies 3

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Black Metal Barbies 4

Black Metal Barbies 5

Black Metal Barbies 6

Embiggen it!

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27 Responses to “Black Metal Barbies”

  1. T.S. Says:


    Although of course very “awww” and “lol” worthy, it looks really cool!

    I’m sure a lot of poser BM bands will turn green with envy XD

  2. Samantha Says:

    I am so all for the lolz factor.

  3. Karen Says:

    Yeah, thats lol worthy. the corpse paint leaves a bit to be desired though:)

  4. photographerleia Says:

    thanks for the lulz

  5. The Simitopian Says:

    Black metal cracks me up. Fun photos :)

  6. Asheron Says:

    Some interesting poses, some are just silly.
    Lighting and photography are excellent.
    Camera angles are a bit boring.
    Corpse paint is a bit unoriginal, but still passable.
    Clothing and accessories look really cheap.

    Overall score: Fail. EMO is not metal.

  7. Miss Peregrin Says:

    This shoot looks like it would have been heaps of fun. Love it, haha.

  8. diana Says:

    hahuahu this is kind of cool!
    this reminds me of Alexandre Herchcovith’s 2008 summer collection, which was pretty awesome:

    Even thought I don’t really think this is good for the black metal scene…but whatever…

  9. Psykho Says:

    …Bring them ALL my way..hahaha…

  10. Gaahl666........ Says:

    This is not kvlt!

  11. Karen Says:

    BLACK METAL BARBIES? that shouldnt even EXIST. You make me sick.

  12. - Says:

    fuck the fuck off and die. fuckin bitches.

  13. emo bands Says:

    I am LoVING that photoset!!! looks kick ass

  14. surfergrl Says:

    If you listen to Attack Attacks new album, there are a few similarities. Check out Track 8 and you will see. Youtube it.

  15. fukthis Says:

    why help make a mockery of such a “once” original genre with stupid skinny models that have no idea what the hell Black Metal is? Just have some originality yourself why don’t you?

  16. renee Says:

    de verdad lo maximo me gusta suban mas de estas

  17. Panzer Says:

    You know those guitar mag girls who – in the eye of a musician – obviously don’t play or know how to hold an instrument? This is similar. The clothing is too modest and fasion-cut and the accesories fail at being brutal. Occult pendants and spiked gauntlets would have been a place to start. Kvlt value failed.

    Only pic 5 nearly achieves something here.

  18. arckanum Says:

    total failure with respect to black metal. just another feeble mainstream attempt at raping an authentic genre. what exactly would an anorexic twat with nicky clarke highlights, hysterical narcissistic posing and expensive designer leather have to do with black metal? whats with the iron cross- this isnt a motorhead promo! did you even research the music and ideology? or did you just do a google image search…

  19. Morphang Says:

    To asheron:

    How dare you insult the glory of black metal by using the word EMO.
    This may not truly honour the spirit of the genre but corpse paint is in no way linked to those whiny little emo fucks. It originates from viking war paints. Either get it right or rid the world of your discusting remarks and sit alone and cold contemplating the reason for your existence because I do not see one.

  20. Luna Says:

    “Black metal” in fashion?
    That’s some repulsive, fucked up shit.

  21. parisvioletha Says:


  22. Charve Says:

    Love it im blackmetal myself so who ever thinks its not cool id say by now people should know blakmettalers could give a flying fuck hails\m/

  23. aa Says:

    i serche a girl like this girl at

  24. Katelyn Dadds Says:

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  25. The fuck? Says:

    I am probably one of the few females that find this post extremely disturbing. Not for the obvious feminist faggotry that most women get onto people about, but for the pure simple fact that this is just quite possibly the most embarassing thing i’ve ever witnessed. Just because some trend-hopping hipster faggot decided that it wasn’t enough to follow the retarded herd that is the fashion world, said faggot thought that in order to create something “new”, he needed to get a bunch of skinny, more-than-anorexic fake bitches (who’ve probably never even heard of black metal a day in their life, nor give a shit less.) together, throw some horribly-overrated corpse paint on them, make sure that they felt up to their utmost slut-core capabilities and then flash around half of a human skull replica AND their half naked bodies like they were going to strap on a big black dildo and skull-fuck the shit out of it.

    Black Metal isn’t “emo”. It isn’t “trendy”.
    And it most DEFINITELY should NOT be compared to shitty bands like Attack Attack. It’s quite the opposite. It’s fucking fantastic music (depending on your tastes) that should NOT be fucked with.
    Black metal used to be fucking br00tal. I never thought it’d be victimized by fashion idiots who want to make money off of crafting a $250 pair of shittily made combat boots with “really awesome studs”.

  26. Tim Says:

    I like the mix of emo and metal. They should have a new name to define it.

  27. Samuel Says:

    What the fuck is this?
    Black metal is brutality and the most hardcore metal, and anyone who thinks it’s just another emo trend is fucked up beyond belief. Black metal is brutality, and is poorly portrayed both by the pictures and the people in the comments. It’s satanic, not emo.
    Don’t you dare compare black metal corpse paint with emos.
    As Morphang said, it originates from viking war paint.
    What the fuck is this “emo” shit you dumb fuck high-school kids are throwing around?
    Well fuck you.
    Black metal ist krieg.

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