Dita Does Gaultier



111via Fabulon

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38 Responses to “Dita Does Gaultier”

  1. T.S. Says:

    She is soooo lovely. I can’t say that often enough.

    But I think those pics are rather old, the last one I think is also in her book!

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    How absolutely stunning

  3. f_fiend Says:

    Cant say that I am a big Dita fan but these pictures are gorgeous!

  4. Mermaid Says:

    Oh Dita how I love you.

  5. Jessica Says:

    Oh, I love these photos. The second one has always been one of my favorites.

  6. Sidereal Says:


  7. Dirty Boots Says:

    Lust, lust, lust, lust……

  8. Tara Says:

    oh. my.

    Sexiness to much to bear!!!

  9. Meggy Says:

    Aaah…girl crush….

  10. ZChevat Says:

    Second one from the top stopped me cold. Damn it, Dita! Killer, as always.
    Thanks for posting!

  11. Ash Says:

    That is an old shoot, but a hot one

  12. Meagan Kyla Says:

    Wow! This is amazing! I absolutely love Gaultier and Dita ain’t so bad herself 😉

  13. miau Says:

    lovely indeed! who’s the photographer?

  14. Ronnie Says:

    who’s the photographer

  15. Ashburn Eng Says:

    I will love to see more skin for this spread!!

  16. Lasma Says:

    black&white makes it even more intimate, nice

  17. robert rankin Says:

    i loath dita! possibly because she has posed for crass tabloids in purely unartistic shots and is still considered…anyway…

    suprisingly i do in truth like the first two pictures, more specificaly the clothing though she makes a suprisingly good cloths horse in these pictures.

  18. Retro Chick Says:

    I never get tired of looking at pictures of Dita. She always looks so stunning.

  19. Aries Says:

    mmm, mmm, mmm…

  20. Sophia Walker Says:

    I just found your blog, and I am loving it!

    Dita is so magnificent, thanks very much for sharing this.


  21. Lyzah Says:

    she is just so yummy!

  22. Xposed Expo Says:

    Sorry, but I’m most definitely a Dita-hater. I don’t see why people are fascinated with her.

  23. wendy2020 Says:

    this women is so sexly.

  24. mily Says:

    so sexy, but not beauty

  25. leg avenue- fancy dress/ Costumes Says:

    awesome collection!Dita is so hot.

  26. Personal shopping Says:

    i don’t want to like her, but i so do…

  27. Wardrobe stylist Says:

    Dita. I try to resist but she just pulls me in!

  28. Wardrobe stylist Says:

    Sorry, but I’m most definitely a Dita-hater. I don’t see why people are fascinated with her.

  29. esaledeal Says:

    She is very beautiful!

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  35. beats Says:

    wow,i like these,so beautiful picture!

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