Cipro And Insulin

Cynthia Altoriso rope bound model in great coat

Updated with motre information:

Photo by Adrian Buckmaster Cipro And Insulin, , makeup by Diety Delgado, fashion by Maggie Norris Couture.

Thanks to Diety Delgado for the information.

Cynthia Altoriso rope bound model in great coat


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10 Responses to “Cipro And Insulin”

  1. squadratomagico Says:

    >gasp!< yes!

  2. photographerleia Says:

    Dear Lord I need that coat. It’s amazing!

  3. Chazpants Says:

    It’s not *exactly* the same, but it’s a near match and comes in a range of colours:

  4. Patricia Says:

    [want!] I love a feminine line, length and little buttons.

  5. Deity Says:

    I loved doing this photo shoot. It was so much fun to do the makeup. The fashion is by Maggie Norris Couture.
    The photography is by
    Makeup by Deity Delgado

  6. f_fiend Says:

    To Deity, I think you are an adorable model…

    & if I was 6 inches taller I would be lusting for that coat. If I wore it at my natural height I would look like Orko’s girlfriend from He-Man. :>

  7. NixonSixx Says:

    Thanks so much for the info, Diety! I’ve updated the article to reflect the new information. And now I’m off to check out more of your work…

  8. Purgatori Says:

    ~breathing heavily~ I looooove that coat! Covet! Covet! Covet!

  9. Kristin Says:

    I loooooove Adrian Buckmaster’s photography! The coat and the makeup are gorgeous! Love those eyes and that collar!

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