How To: Wear a Tiny Tophat Again

Steven Sampang tiny tophat goth motorcycle jacket

Best use of a tiny tophat for 2009 goes to: Steven Sampang!

It’s harder than Hell to wear black lipstick and a Tiny Tophat without completely looking trite, but if you skip the brocade corset and broomstick skirt for a sleek equestrain turnout, you can still wear that hat without looking like the last row of a Voltaire concert.

Does this remind anyone else of an updated version of Heathers?

Steven Sampang tiny tophat gothmotorcycle jacket

Picture 4

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8 Responses to “How To: Wear a Tiny Tophat Again”

  1. T.S. Says:

    It does look rather cool but I’m not too much of a fan of that particular shape of tophat!

    Maybe something edgier and a different fabric might have looked better

  2. Larissa Says:

    “you can still wear that hat without looking like the last row of a Voltaire concert.”

    Ha ha ha! Excellent.

  3. Patricia Says:

    Sorry but black lipstick is always full of fail unless you’re in the performing arts and painted up like some critter. Deepest red or purple is a better option.

  4. Camilla Says:

    That tophat looks more like a pilgrim’s hat in a Thanksgiving pageant. The rest of the outfits are wonderful.

  5. SouthernGothic Says:

    A Tiny TopHat trite? Perhaps. Completely ridiculous? Most assuredly. Best use for this fashion mistake is on a clown.

  6. Buffy Says:

    The shoot actually makes me think of The Craft

  7. Layla Says:

    Haha excellent photos!

    I picked up a cute little top hat a two years ago from a local horror con, I think the vendors name was The Graveyard Girls..? something like that..Ugh lost the buisness card >.<

    Anywho, She had lots of really unique hats on display!

  8. Steven Sampang Says:

    How are/were my images posted here and why wasn’t I notified??

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