The New Fur

vogue china new fur cropped jacket over the knee strappy boot

“The New Fur”, Vogue China, October 2009. Photographs by Jason Kibbler.

First off, the boots in the first photograph. I need them. Second off, my Chinese is poor, but being Vogue I rather suspect that all these designs are real fur. I am, as most of you know, NOT a fur fan. But I am a fake fur fan, and all of these designs are just as workable, plus more affordable, in fake fur.

vogue china new fur cropped jacket

vogue china new fur strappy leather jacket


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6 Responses to “The New Fur”

  1. Red Says:

    I’m with you regarding not wearing real fur. But the designs would indeed be lovely in faux. And those boots have me feeling a little faint!

  2. Sassi Says:

    Are we sure that’s fur? It looks like human hair, a la Chris March.

  3. VampireKitten Says:

    The last one indeed does look like hair.

  4. Princess Poochie Says:

    It looks like goat fur to me. If only these WERE made with faux.

  5. kristen Says:

    I can see Roberto Cavalli mentioned on one page, so yep real fur.

  6. Trystan Says:

    #3 in reverse?

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