Clomid Chat

iD mgazine oct 09 Clomid Chat, i-D Magazine's 2006 Horror Issue, shot by Richard Burbridge.

iD magazine oct 09

iD magazine oct 06

iD magazine oct 06

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iD magazine oct 06

iD magazine oct 06

iD magazine oct 06

Via Wicked Halo

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8 Responses to “Clomid Chat”

  1. Amber Says:

    I LOVE that lipstick!! I would so wear that this weekend.


  2. ffiend Says:

    one question: how do i get my lips THAT shiny? I know its photoshop but it would be nice to find a gloss that actually works.

  3. Molly B Says:

    love the odd tracer details on all of these. and that right eye!

  4. ornith Says:

    While with those yellow streaks it probably is photoshop, you can actually get this effect for real, ffiend, and you can get that lipstick easily, Amber!

    MAC released a limited-edition mini-line of black and really dark violety stuff this season, and their website shows how to use it to get ultra-black, ultra-shiny lips like this, and very similar effects on the eyes, too. Among lots of other good stuff, there’s both a black lipstick and a black gloss – I have the black lipstick, FINALLY one better than cheapo Manic Panic! – and a wonderful felt-tip-pen liquid liner that I find easier to use than anything else I’ve ever owned and doesn’t smudge at all (I use it to draw fake tattoos for costumes, as well as for my eyes).

  5. Samantha Says:

    You just convinced me to go buy the new MAC black liner. I have had horrendous luck with liquid liner over the years, and you just sold me on it.

  6. Mary Says:

    You can pat clear gloss on to the lips to get them shiny. Don’t press your lips together, don’t smear or smoosh the gloss. It should be a clear coat on top, not mixed with the lipcolor. It’s not a sustainable look, but it is a fantastic look.

  7. ffiend Says:

    Thanks ornith,Mac is now on my to-do list.

  8. robyn Says:

    That Dior collection still blows my mind.

    I have this issue of ID. It’s seriously one of my favorite issues of any magazine EVER. So many amazing editorials!

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