Gareth Pugh Spring 2010

GARETH PUGH spring 2010 feathered headress

It makes me happy to know that there are certain designers who just never, ever let me down. Gareth Pugh knocks it out of the park again for Spring 2010. Double points for making something interesting out of the ripped-jeans trend!




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5 Responses to “Gareth Pugh Spring 2010”

  1. Ridley Says:

    I freaking love him.

  2. ffiend Says:


  3. tDIYm Says:

    I want the dress in picture #6

  4. Patricia Says:

    Pugh2 is 4 kinds of awesome: Mandarin collar, sharp tailored/boned? bodice, floor length and flappy in the breeze. I would SO wear it. I’m sure it makes a lovely squishy sound :)

  5. MissMercurial Says:

    Ahhhh, those coatssss.
    I have such a fetish for coats XD

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