Colchicine Shortage

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Peter Lindberg_The Birds_03

Peter Lindberg_The Birds_04

Peter Lindberg_The Birds_05

Peter Lindberg_The Birds_06

Peter Lindberg_The Birds_07

Peter Lindberg_The Birds_08

Peter Lindberg_The Birds_09

Peter Lindberg_The Birds_10

Peter Lindberg_The Birds_11

Peter Lindberg_The Birds_12

Peter Lindberg_The Birds_13

Peter Lindberg_The Birds_14

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4 Responses to “Colchicine Shortage”

  1. amy Says:


  2. photographerleia Says:

    I really really enjoyed this photoshoot

  3. gremm Says:

    I love her necklace!!

    Does someone know the name of this model????

  4. Ana Says:

    The model’s name is Sasha Pivarova and the photographer is Peter Lindbergh :).

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