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New Advertising Program

Greetings, our dear Macabrians!

Haute Macabre is very pleased to present to you our new advertising program, specifically designed for small and independent business owners, with packages starting as low $30.


Who can advertise on Haute Macabre?
Well, anyone : Etsy sellers, jewelry designers, clothing designers, artists, photographers, cosmetic lines, retail shops, whatever it is that you do and would like to promote!

Why would I want to advertise on Haute Macabre?  What are your statistics?
Since our launch in December of 2008, we have had an incredible amount of traffic, and the numbers keep growing.  According to our server statistics, we currently average approximately 3 million hits with about 35,000 unique visitors per month, and have over one thousand subscribers to our RSS feeds.

Where would my ad be displayed?
Ads will be displayed in the column on the right, alongside the content articles, placed in between our shortcut menus.

What pricing packages are you offering?
We have three differently sized ads, and four price packages for each, ranging from $30, being the least expensive, to $350, for the largest and longest running ad.  The three different ad sizes are The Square Button, The Rectangle, and The Skyscraper.  Ads run from one week to three months, with discounts for the larger packages!


What methods of payment do you accept?
Payments are accepted via Paypal.

How do I start my ad campaign?
Send us an email to get started!  Use our Contact Form, or add us to your address book at info [at]  Please include the package you are interested in, a jpg ad, and a link to your shop or website.

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