Hungry Like A…


Photos by Ohio’s Winter Wolf Studios.  Yes, I said Ohio.




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9 Responses to “Hungry Like A…”

  1. Disposable Darling Says:

    I love WinterWolf, they’re great!

  2. stevep Says:

    awesome! always a fan of john and winter’s work.

  3. Jennifer Nicole Says:

    Oh, wow. These are so, so cool. Go Ohio!

  4. Ez Says:

    Guys you NEED to post about Samantha Cole’s new collection!!
    It’s incredible :

  5. Beth Says:

    WinterWolf are one of my most favourite photographic teams. They manage to capture so many different aspects of beauty from all walks of life with their constant professionalism. Let alone Winter is STUNNING!

  6. Laura Says:

    Wow, really nice work! I am impressed, and pleased to learn that there is someone this good so close to me.

  7. Red Says:

    That last photo is exquisite! Love everything about it!

  8. All Women Stalker Says:

    I agree with Red. The last photo is indeed exquisite. Her hair is lovely!


  9. Nefairia Says:

    I have been suffering of late from a serious bought of FFS, or the tragic “Fetish Fatigue Syndrome.” Thankfully these are quite invigorating to me. Mille grazie!

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