Shoeturday Mystery

Someone out there must know whether or not these mystery skull heels are something that actually exists in the universe, or just a trick of Photoshop.  If they’re a fake, I demand from our readers that one of your New Year’s resolutions is to create them, and ensure that Nixon and I both have a pair.

Edited to Add :  Mystery SOLVED!

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14 Responses to “Shoeturday Mystery”

  1. Pamela Quevedo Says:

    Here you go!

  2. Pelianth Says:

    It disappoints me that the rest of the heel is not molded to look like a spinal column.

  3. Naomi Says:

    they are apparently Gianni Barbato shoes.|CallType=Product&prodId=04C4&des=&cat=&gender=women&group=&vendorColor=MTAw&season=actual&seasProdID=50I

  4. mary lee Says:

    oh god, hot sex on a heel!

  5. K. Says:

    Goood gawwwd those are awesome. You know McQueen is pissing himself over having not come up with those first!

  6. lilly holiday Says:

    Effen amazing!

  7. claudia Says:

    omg. droooool. <3

  8. All Women Stalker Says:

    I agree with Pelianth. They should have continued with the skeletal system theme. Would have been more awesome.

  9. ffiend Says:

    That whole website had my heart racing, so many wants!

  10. Red Says:

    Oooooooohhh…. :) *applauds designer*

  11. Disposable Darling Says:

    Those are pretty hardcore.

  12. Obscura Says:


  13. Bella Lili Says:

    I must have these! Darn Italian leather. Why must you tempt me so?

  14. Nikia Lainez Says:

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